Istanbul is the best located city in the world with easy connections and  short distances to Europe, North Africa and Middle East in all sides. Its location makes it a good short city break escapes. You can see the old town and historical buildings in 2-3 days. It was originally built on the European side, on the historical peninsula called “Sarayburnu” surrounded by the city walls, by being capital to three European empires. There’s one thing real , this unique beauty deserves to be enjoyed.

The view of the Sarayburnu Peninsula (old town of Istanbul) from the opposite side, Üsküdar. From this point with a good angle you can picture the historical penisula with the Blue Mosque, The Topkapi Palace and The Hagia Sophia sylyhuets on it, and also the Maiden Tower and The Galata Tower on another opposite hill on the same shot, which is very mysctical and unique scenery indeed.

The Maiden Tower, you can take boat transfers from Üsküdar province.You can go to Üsküdar station from in Sarayburnu Penisula by Marmaray  metro line which goes under the sea in two three minutes, by your Istanbulcard which costs you to own 3-4 eur.

The Galata Tower where from the first flight is experienced by made up wings of a human Hazerfen Ahmet Celebi. You can find more about the history of the tower. You can go there either by entering streets from Karaköy coast and climb or you can go there from the Istiklal Street in Beyoglu, Taksim.

Islands of Istanbul from the air. Büyükada, Kinaliada, Burgazada and Heybeliada all have regular boat transfers and all are vivid with inhabitants lives in them.
The Hagia Sophia Museum, an architectural wonder dates back to nearly 1500 years. It is located on the Sarayburnu penisula, Sultanahmet Square.
Karaköy is a cozy and popular place with its art galeries, ateliers, street arts and cafes. You can find the entellectual life nowadays, previously is was known with its banks and historical office blocks.

Churches, synagogues and mosques are next to each other in Istanbul where you can see in older neighbourhoods.

One of the Bosphorus neighbourhoods with lovely wooden houses. Here is one of the back streets of the Emirgan hill (Resitpasa, Emirgan). At the end of the street you’ll come to see the sea of the Istanbul’s Bosphor, and a down walk will take you to coast like many streets of those areas.

I couldn’t add the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace Museum’s pictures, and many other important buildings. I will try to add them in the upcoming days. And please don’t judge Istanbul  by its people, there’s a huge tourist flow and migration. Despite its over population the public transfers by the sea, under sea, ground, and underground are very well contected and safe. You can save your time by using public transports. Stay well!